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DNA Standards and Guidelines

Event Dates
Event Duration
2 hours

This webinar is targeted to DNA Supervisors, DNA Technical Leaders, Quality Mangers, and DNA Analysts. There will be a question and answer period after the presentations.

Forensic DNA Analysis, and in particular interpreting complex DNA mixtures and calculating statistics, can be challenging. The technology is ever more sensitive and analysts are testing a wider variety of samples than ever before. The FBI’s Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM) has issued a new version of the autosomal DNA STR interpretation guidelines that most of the DNA laboratories in the country look to for guidance in analyzing DNA profiles. Mr. Sutton will be presenting information on the changes to the interpretation Guidelines including the background and scope of the changes. Specific examples will be presented. Mr. Heidebrecht and Ms. Conway will be answering questions and providing additional comments. In addition, Ms. Jocelyn Carlson will be presenting on the efforts of FBI and SWGDAM to revise the FBI’s Quality Assurance Guidelines for DNA Testing Laboratories.

Date Created: April 19, 2017