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Death Investigation Training - Basics

Event Dates
Event Duration
8 hours

This program is based on scientific principles and established, nationally recognized, standards of death investigation and forensic pathology. It addresses a critical need for training of Medical Legal Death Investigators in the United States. This course is one of multiple modules of Death Investigation Training available as separate courses through the University of North D​akota's Office of Extended Learning.

Course Objectives

  1. Define and explain the 29 Principles of Death Investigation as endorsed by the National institute of Justice.
  2. Identify basic tools and equipment used in death investigation and organize appropriate local response strategies.
  3. Apply these local protocols in death investigation and distinguish various roles and steps in death investigation.
  4. Compare and differentiate between various personal protective equipment in death investigation and organize professional response and dress for death investigation.
  5. Learners will list key points for first responders in preservation and protection of the death scene.

Date Created: November 19, 2014