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Basics of Microbiology as Applied to Microbial Forensics

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2 hours

This is the second in a series of webinars in which Dr. Bruce Budowle will leverage his extensive research background and provide critical information which will be foundational to understanding the current application of microbial forensics to combating biological crimes.

In this webinar, Dr. Budowle will present on microbiology, pathogens, human microbiome, and genetic engineering/synthetic biology as applied to microbial forensics.

The microbial world is vast and diverse. While some microorganisms are beneficial, there are others that cause disease and have been used as bioweapons to cause harm to people, animals, and plants, the effects of which may have a serious impact on our health, economy and general safety. Understanding basic microbiology, the indicators of development and use of bioweapons, and the associated risks for victims can be important for the forensic scientist who may be the first exposed to this type of crime scene evidence. Over the past few years there have been substantial technical and bioinformatic advances which enhance the capability to type microbial evidence as well as expand to the characterization of microbes and their products, therefore supporting a wider range of forensic investigations.


Date Created: May 25, 2016