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Understanding the Impact of the Forensic Sciences on the Criminal Justice System

Date Published
November 7, 2017

The nation is investing significant resources in forensic science research and development. In addition to the investments in applied and basic sciences, NIJ is also supporting social science studies that ask important questions about the investment’s impact and how science is being used to strengthen our criminal justice system:

  • Are we getting more “justice” as a result of advances in the forensic sciences?
  • Is forensic evidence being used as efficiently and effectively as possible in criminal investigations and prosecutions?
  • What impact are forensic science advancements having on policies and procedures in the criminal justice system?

Read research summaries and learn more about the evolution and future of the portfolio in the NIJ Journal, “Social Science Research on Forensic Science: The Story Behind One of NIJ’s Newest Research Portfolios.”

Date Published: November 7, 2017