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Tribal Crime and Justice Research

Date Published
February 18, 2013

The U.S. Department of Justice has a legal and trust responsibility to support tribal justice systems. It carries out this critical function through improved data collection, research, analysis and reporting on crime and justice administration in Indian Country. Accurate, comprehensive and current information on the incidence, prevalence and nature of crime and victimization in Indian Country and Alaska Native (AN) villages is needed to improve our understanding of the programmatic, service and policy needs of American Indian (AI) and AN people and communities. In turn, our understanding can help to educate and inform policymakers and the public about threats to the health and well-being of AI and AN people. Information also is needed on victims' experiences with and opinions of the services they receive from justice authorities and health providers, as well as their reasons for not seeking those services.

NIJ's tribal crime and justice portfolio aims to (1) provide an accurate reporting of crime and violence; (2) provide reliable, valid estimates of the scope of the problem; and (3) identify barriers to and possible solutions for dealing with these significant public safety issues.

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Date Published: February 18, 2013