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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Delinquency, Victimization, and the Developing Brain: Results from the ABCD-Social Development Study

December 2020

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development – Social Development Study (ABCD-SD) is a longitudinal study on the relationship between the developing brain and delinquency and victimization. Supplementing ABCD brain and cognitive development measures, ABCD-SD protocol measures a wide array of delinquency- and victimization-related risks, protective factors and outcomes. These presentations will describe early adolescent findings from ABCD-SD on delinquency and victimization.

Changing the Behavior of Drug-Involved Offenders: Supervision That Works

December 2012

A small number of those who commit crimes are heavily involved in drugs commit a large portion of the crime in this country. An evaluation of a "smart supervision" effort in Hawaii that uses swift and certain sanctioning showed that individuals committing crimes who are heavily involved in drug use can indeed change their behavior when the supervision is properly implemented.

Addiction, the Brain, and Evidence-Based Treatment

March 2012

The criminal justice system encounters and supervises a large number of drug abusing persons. Punishment alone is a futile and ineffective response to the problem of drug abuse. Addiction is a chronic brain disease with a strong genetic component that in most instances requires treatment. Involvement in the criminal justice system provides a unique opportunity to treat drug abuse disorders and related health conditions, thereby improving public health and safety.

Speech to National Corrections Conference on Substance Abuse Testing, Sanctions and Treatment

Framing the National Agenda: a Research and Policy Perspective

I am very pleased and honored to be with you this morning. In fact, I am in awe of the level of expertise and commitment that is represented in this audience. Larry Meachum and his colleagues at the Corrections Program Office are to be commended for gathering together the right people, with the right expertise, at...

Justice Research as a Platform for the Diffusion of Innovation

I am very honored that you invited me to address your conference this morning. I have developed a very high regard for NASADAD, and for the work that you do throughout the country. You represent, in my view, a critical perspective on the issues that concern us at the National Institute of Justice -- the issues of crime and the administration of justice -- and...