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Equipment testing

NIJ FY18 Criminal Justice Testing and Evaluation Consortium

Closing Date
With this solicitation, NIJ seeks proposals to establish a Criminal Justice Testing and Evaluation Consortium. The consortium will inform NIJ's R&D efforts, as well as, NIJ's stakeholders - criminal justice practitioners, policymakers, researchers, federal partners, and private industry by (1) conducting technology foraging activities to identify technologies for potential use by criminal justice communities, (2) conducting characterization/comparative testing and evaluations on technologies and practices to...

NIJ FY 13 Establishing a National Criminal Justice Technology, Research, and Evaluation Center

Closing Date

NIJ seeks proposals to establish a Criminal Justice Technology Research, Test, and Evaluation (RT&E) Center within the NIJ-funded NLECTC System. This Center will conduct focused RT&E activities to inform NIJ's non-forensic technology research and development (R&D) efforts. It will also conduct RT&E activities to support NIJ's efforts to inform practitioners, policymakers, and researchers ('the field') regarding technologies or technology-related issues for purposes of improving criminal...