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Expanding Research to Examine the Impacts of Forensic Science on the Criminal Justice System

December 2020

In 2004, the National Institute of Justice created the social science research on forensic sciences (SSRFS) research program to explore the impact of forensic sciences on the criminal justice system and the administration of justice. Much of the early research from the SSRFS program focused on DNA processing and the use of DNA in investigations and prosecutions.

Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Past and Present Fellows

The following table presents NIJ's Graduate Research Fellows since 2000. When available, the project titles are linked to an abstract of the fellow's final report, from which you also can download the full report.

Graduate Research Fellows Since 2000
Fiscal Year Award Number Fellow, University and Dissertation Chair (if available) Project Title (linked to description or final report if available) Amount
2023 15PNIJ-23-GG-01954-TITL Faith English...