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Gender-Based Violence and American Indian and Alaska Native Communities


  • To understand the scope and profile of missing Native American persons in Nebraska
  • Understand How Settler Colonial Historical Oppression Has Imposed and Perpetuated Structural
  • Violence Against Indigenous Peoples
  • Identify Culturally Relevant Promotive and Protective Factors
  • Provide an Example of Indigenist Research That is Promotive Against Historical Oppression
  • Understand How All Are Accountable for Dismantling the Internalized Colonial Mindset
  • Prevent Complicity is Perpetuating Settler Colonial Historical Oppression Institutionally,
  • Interpersonally, and Internally
  • Describe the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey
  • Interpret estimates of violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women and men
  • Identify implications for policy and practice

Date Published: November 8, 2022