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Protecting our Protectors: Using Science to Improve Officer Safety and Wellness

Chief Walter McNeil, President, International Association of Chiefs of Police; Karen Amendola, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, Police Foundation; John Violanti, Ph.D., Research Professor, University at Buffalo, State University of New York; Carrick Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mississippi State University; Bryan Vila, Ph.D., Professor, Washington State University

Each year, 100-200 law enforcement officers die in the line of duty. Last year, 177 lost their lives — a 16-percent increase from 2010. As Attorney General Eric Holder noted, this is a devastating and unacceptable trend. NIJ has developed a robust research portfolio to improve officer safety and wellness and, ultimately, save lives. This panel discussed some of NIJ's most promising work to reduce shooting and traffic-related fatalities — consistently the leading causes of officer line-of-duty deaths — and improve officer wellness, which is inextricably linked with officer safety.

Moderator: John H. Laub, Director, National Institute of Justice

Date Published: June 1, 2012