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Inclusive Research: Engaging with the People Closest to the Issue

In this video, NIJ Director Nancy La Vigne, Ph.D., discusses inclusive research, one of her top priorities.

NIJ is committed to supporting research that makes a positive impact on our justice system. Whatever form that research takes, we should spend time engaging with the people who are closest to the issue under study. Inclusive research is valuable because it has the potential to improve the quality of data collected and the accuracy of its interpretation and is defined by four core principles: 

  • Involving those with lived experience and professional expertise in the research process.
  • Sharing our findings with those who helped generate them.
  • Using "people first" language.
  • Acknowledging and compensating those involved in our research for their time and their expertise.

These core principles of inclusive research should be integrated into all aspects of the research process. In doing so, we can increase the odds that our findings will promote safety, equity, and justice for all.

Date Published: March 7, 2023