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What is Datacasting, Anyway?

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August 2012
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This article describes the process of datacasting.


The word datacasting is derived from two other words: data and broadcasting; the process of datacasting involves "broadcasting data over a wide area via radio waves and may describe digital signals sent via television or radio." Datacasting is being used by public safety agencies to provide information to the public during a major incident such as an earthquake, a tornado, or even a major sporting event. Datacasting uses the existing infrastructure at a modest cost to move large amounts of data to specific users at specific times for specific purposes. Expenses for setting up a datacasting relationship with a local television or radio station include the purchase of supplemental devices to enable laptop and tablet computers to receive the information as well as expenses related to the development of a transmission control protocol/Internet protocol for data feed at the transmission facility.

Date Published: August 1, 2012