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West Virginia State Police Enhances STR Capabilities, Final Report

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A grant was awarded by the National Institute of Justice to expand PCR-based capabilities and move the operation of the West Virginia State Police DNA laboratory closer to automation.
In order to maximize the information obtained from all routine types of evidence, additional methods of PCR-based analysis needed to be developed. The grant award was designed to validate additional short tandem repeat systems using the ABI Prism 377 Gene Sequencer. The necessary equipment was purchased, including the gene sequencer and a profiler PCR amplification kit. The validity of the technology selected was evaluated, and acceptable protocols for its use were developed. The following protocols related to amplification and run conditions for the profiler kit on the gene sequencer were developed: amplification and gel preparation, gel pouring, instrument set-up, sample and allelic ladder preparation, and sample loading and electrophoresis. Population samples selected from past validation studies were used to create a local database for the profiler system. Problems encountered during the course of expanding PCR- based capabilities and moving the DNA laboratory closer to automation are noted. Tables

Date Published: January 1, 1998