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Weapons, Crime, and Violence in America - An Annotated Bibliography

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Date Published
November 1981
283 pages
This annotated bibliography on weapons, crime, and violence in America contains over 200 citations dating mainly from the late 1960's to 1980.
Topic areas covered in the bibliography include weapons and gun control, treatment of weapons-related crime in the criminal justice system, policy analysis and impact studies, studies of popular opinion on weapons-related public issues, and special groups' opinions on weapons-related public issues. Other topics include studies of ownership and usage of firearms, studies of psychological factors in gun ownership and usage, studies of weapons-related phenomena (suicide, homicide, robberies, etc.), regional and cultural factors in weapons ownership and use, and bibliographies on weapons-related topics. Books, journal articles, and papers are included. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author. Each entry has a 13-digit code cross-referencing author, year, and subject area(s) covered. Indexes are provided for each of the 10 subject areas listed above. Availability and pricing information for the entries are not given.

Date Published: November 1, 1981