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Violence Theory Workshop, December 10-11, 2002

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December 2002
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These Web pages contain the proceedings from the Violence Theory Workshop held on December 10-11, 2002.
The workshop was convened to bring together a group of theorists to identify areas of additional research for NIJ and to create theoretical links between different types of violence. The workshop opened with an examination of different explanations of violence, with the following themes emerging from the workshop papers: violence is often provoked by some violent or negative condition; an event or condition is often present that creates a problem that calls for a solution, and violence is sometimes the solution to that problem; and the type of violence that an event leads to appears to be strongly conditioned by a range of factors. The papers also identified common links among the theories of violence. Other topics covered during the first day of the workshop were How to Evaluate a Theory, Defining the Theories' Variables, Social Institutions: the Macrolevel View, Organizations and Violence, and Challenging the Theories: Emphasis on Perpetrator, Victim, Event, or Social Structure. Topics covered during the second day included Using the Clues to Explain and Predict, Variation in Rates of Violence, Social Structure and Hot Spots, Terrorism: Predictions, Social Learning Theory and Drug Use, Environmental Design and Routine Activities Theory, Social Geometry Theory and Blood Feuds, Domestic Partner Violence, Drawing Policy Implications: Control Balance Theory, Corporate Violence, and Violence and Minorities.

Date Published: December 1, 2002