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Violence Against Latinas: The Effects of Undocumented Status on Rates of Victimization and Help-Seeking

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Date Published
December 2014
5 pages
This study investigated whether legal status was related to interpersonal victimization and help-seeking by comparing Latina immigrants with permanent legal status with Latina immigrants who are undocumented on rates of reported interpersonal victimization, types of perpetrators, and rates of help-seeking.
Results did not reveal significant differences between legal status and reported victimization rates or types of perpetrators; however, undocumented Latinas (n = 91) were less likely to seek formal help than those with permanent status. Results of this study indicate that undocumented status does not independently put women at risk of victimization, but that responses to violence are related to legal status. (Publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: December 1, 2014