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Video: Law Enforcement and Research Partnerships

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March 2020
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In this 2:21-minute video, Cory Haberman, Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati, discusses his work as a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) LEADS Academic and the value of having trained researchers working directly with law enforcement agencies.
Haberman has brought his training and experience as a researcher to LEADS scholars, assisting them in conducting their own research in accordance with proven scientific methods. In this video, Haberman emphasizes the value of having trained researchers involved with police agencies. This would condition police leaders to base agency policies and practices on existing relevant research and conduct their own research to determine the effectiveness of existing agency policies and practices, followed by appropriate changes. Haberman also advises that agency researchers should be involved in ensuring that all agency personnel understand the features and implementation of particular research-based policies and practices. He views the ongoing interaction of researchers and law enforcement officers as the core of the evidence-based policing movement.

Date Published: March 1, 2020