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Tuberculosis in Correctional Facilities 1994-95, Research in Brief

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June 1996
12 pages
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This report presents the results of a 1994 survey designed to determine the dimensions of the tuberculosis (TB) problem in adult correctional facilities and the prevention and control strategies being used to address it.
The survey found that in 31 State prison systems, 14 percent of inmates had positive TB skin test results at intake. In 51 Federal/State systems surveyed, 25 reported a total of 5,609 TB skin test conversions in the 2 years prior to the survey. Coinfection with TB and HIV increased among male inmates in some systems since the 1992-93 survey, but data on female inmates generally were not provided. The survey also determined that the number of inmates with TB under treatment declined since 1992-93, and the use of recommended negative-pressure rooms to isolate infectious inmates from the rest of the prison population increased. Directly observed therapy for TB became more widespread in correctional systems; directly observed preventive therapy also increased. As part of discharge planning, most correctional systems referred to local health department TB programs those inmates who had not completed treatment prior to release or parole. Validation survey results showed that some facilities were not following their systems' TB treatment and control policies. 10 tables and 19 notes

Date Published: June 1, 1996