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Translating Research Into Policy

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January 1996
20 pages
The record of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in conducting criminal justice research and in translating research into policy and practice was examined at a 1996 conference held in San Antonio, Texas.
The presentation noted significant accomplishments of the NIJ, particularly in conducting research on police procedures, spousal assault, career criminals, forensic sciences, and drug treatment for offenders. The presentation also identified ways in which the traditional research paradigm limits the utility of research for policy and program development, limitations of research findings, and obstacles associated with translating research into policy and practice. In addition, the presentation discussed ways in which research and evaluation are changing to meet the needs of decisionmakers; partnerships between government and private researchers, for example, between police departments and the academic community; and research focused on problem- solving. Finally, the presentation considered steps that need to be taken to improve the utility of criminal justice research to policymakers and emphasized the importance of research in an environment where crime is becoming more globalized. 19 notes

Date Published: January 1, 1996