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Transition Metal Cluster Compounds for the Fluorescent Identification and Trace Detection of Substances of Abuse

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October 2016
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This research project developed sensitive, rapid, high-sensitivity, low-cost methods for detecting substances of abuse.

The research focused on fluorescent indicators for substances of abuse with enhanced specificities. These new fluorescent indicators are based on d10 metal complexes and allow greater detection sensitivity and flexibility. These indicators are shelf stable and low cost, and the complexes formed can be stored for long periods without loss of fluorescence. The fluorescence observed in these complexes is due to the nature of the metal and metal-analyte bonds present in the complex. Coupling new sources, fluorescent indicators, and digitizing systems will produce systems capable of positively identifying compounds rapidly both in the field and in the lab. Ultimately, the procedure will be implemented in a small hand-held system that will allow assessment of multiple indicators in the field. 3 figures and a list of scholarly products produced

Date Published: October 1, 2016