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Test Results for Mobile Device Acquisition Tool: XRY 5.0.2

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2010
200 pages

This report presents results from testing XRY, version 5.0.2, against the Smart Phone Tool Test Assertions and Test Plan, which is available at the Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) Web site.


The report's first of five sections summarizes the results of the test runs and is sufficient to enable most readers to assess the suitability of the tool for the intended use. The report's remaining sections describe how the tests were conducted and provide documentation of test case run details. Two of the sections provide justification for the selection of test cases and assertions from the set of possible cases defined in the test plan for smart phone forensic tools. The test cases are selected based on features offered by the tool. The hardware and software used to run the test cases are listed in another section, and the concluding section describes each test case, test assertions used in the test case, the expected result, and the actual result. The summary of the test results indicates that except for the noted test cases, the tested tool acquired all supported data objects completely and accurately from the selected test mobile devices (i.e., iPhone 3Gs, Blackberry Bold 9700, Nokia e71x, HTC Touch Pro 2, Blackberry 9630). Regarding the exceptions, notification of device acquisition disruption was not successful for SPT-03 (iPhone 3Gs); physical acquisition ended in errors for test case SPT-31 (iPhone 2G); the acquisition of call log data was unsuccessful for test case SPT-07 (Blackberry Bold 9700); the acquisition of MMS-related data was unsuccessful for test case SPT-09 (Blackberry Bold 9700, Blackberry 9630); the recovery of deleted SMS and EMS messages was unsuccessful for test cases SPT-32 (HTC Touch Pro 2); and video files were not acquired in test case SPT-10 (Blackberry 9630).

Date Published: November 1, 2010