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Test Results for Digital Data Acquisition Tool: IXimager (Version 2.0, Feb-01 2006)

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Date Published
April 2007
121 pages
This report presents the testing results for the IXimager, a noncommercial, restricted-use, law-enforcement-only, evidence production tool for the analysis of computers.
As measured against the Digital Data Acquisition Tool Assertions and Test Plan Version 1.0, the ILook IXimager acquired all visible and hidden sectors completely and accurately from the eight test computers. In the case of a hard drive with 22 defective sectors, the sectors of the image that corresponded to the defective sectors were replaced with forensically benign content. The main item of interest for interpreting the test results is determining the conformance of the drive with the test assertions. Conformance with each assertion tested by a given test case is evaluated by examining the "Log Highlights" box of the test report summary. This report presents test details for each test case. The information provided includes a description of the test, the assertions that were tested, the specifications of the computer tested, the drives involved, source setup, Log Highlights, results, and analysis.

Date Published: April 1, 2007