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Badges for Basics Helps KCPD Develop Community Rapport

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Date Published
November 2019
4 pages
This article describes the features and effects of a program that brings police in Kansas City, Mo. In contact with residents through a nonprofit program that distributes hygiene products to those who need but cannot afford them.
Based in Kansas City, but with a nationwide outreach, the program has 511 distribution sites in the greater Kansas City area. It works with schools, food pantries, other charitable organizations, and several police departments in providing free hygiene items to those in need. The leader of this effort by the KCPD notes that many people live in apartment complexes on state-provided incomes and also receive food stamps. These programs do not cover the purchase of hygiene products. In the course of providing these products at tables staffed by police at strategic public areas, a context is provided for police to interact with residents and show concern for their needs. The two products most desired by those who come to the tables are deodorants and paper towels, which are considered luxuries for many who come to the tables. Recipients are constantly asked by police which hygiene items they need but cannot afford. All items come directly from manufacturers, so as to maintain consistency in the products offered. Funding for the products comes from donations by the companies themselves or by monetary donations.
Date Published: November 1, 2019