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"Technocorrections": The Promises, the Uncertain Threats, Research in Brief

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May 2000
8 pages
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This paper indicates emerging technologies in three areas--electronic tracking and location systems, pharmacological treatments, and genetic and neurobiological risk assessments--may be used in what is referred to as "technocorrections."
Electronic tracking and location systems are probably the most familiar new technology to correctional personnel. Electronic monitoring systems are in use in most states, and the technology enables correctional personnel to define geographic areas from which offenders are prohibited and to furnish tracking devices to potential victims. Pharmacological breakthroughs are occurring to control behavior in correctional and noncorrectional settings. Further, the National Academy of Science has recommended a new emphasis on biomedical research on violence to understand the biological roots of violent behavior. Risk assessment technologies include DNA profiling and gene management. Forces in society that are conducive to technocorrections are noted, and the cost-effectiveness of technological developments in the field of corrections is examined. The importance of developing legal protections to manage the application of technologies is emphasized. 13 notes

Date Published: May 1, 2000