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Smarts from the Streets

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2001
3 pages
This report includes three articles describing emerging law enforcement technologies and innovations.
The first article describes the Alarm Triggered Internet Protocol (A-TIP) system that uses the Internet to alert officers to a robbery or burglary in progress and allows officers to view the scene via real-time video feed. It works by fitting existing surveillance cameras in banks with video compression devices in order to run the feed through the Web site. When an alarm is triggered, the officers can go to the Web site to view a map of the location and the scene in real time. The second article describes a wireless surveillance video and audio system that can be fitted on a police dog to conduct remote surveillance operations. The system includes a custom-molded orthopedic cap fitted with a video camera, microphone, and infrared capabilities. The third article describes the development of a portable Command Board for law enforcement use that contains worksheets outlining police operations, intelligence, logistics, evacuations, containment, equipment, and personnel, as well as guidelines for handling critical incidents. The Command Board collapses quickly into a briefcase device that is rugged, waterproof, and weatherproof. Contact information is provided following each article.

Date Published: January 1, 2001