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Putting Research to Work - Tools for the Criminal Justice Professional

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63 pages
The catalog lists 200 recent publications of the Office of Development, Testing, and Dissemination of the National Institute of Justice. The publications cover a range of critical topics and issues, among which are police patrol and investigation, career criminal programs, public defenders, plea negotiation, and sentencing guidelines.
Other issues are jury operations, probation strategies, and correctional management. A number of publications deal with the issue of costs and cutback management in police, courts, and corrections. The annotated citations are arranged according to the following categories: police, courts, corrections, probation and parole, juvenile offenders, victim/witness services, crime prevention, and special policy issues. Equipment standards and other publications of the Technology Assessment Program are also listed. The publications are grouped into one of several series: issues and practices, exemplary projects, monographs, policy briefs, test designs, Criminal Justice Research Utilization Program selected bibliographies, and Technology Assessment Program. Availability information is given with each citation. A title index is included.

Date Published: January 1, 1983