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ProSynAR: a reference aware read merger

NCJ Number
Bioinformatics Volume: 38 Issue: 7 Dated: April 2022 Pages: 2052-2053
Date Published
April 2022
2 pages

Since read-merging algorithms that look solely at the reads can misalign and mis-merge the reads (especially near repetitive sequences), the C++ program ProSynAR has been written to take the reads’ position in the reference into account when performing (and deciding whether to perform) a merge.


Nix users can retrieve the source from GitHub (https://github.com/Benjamin-Crysup/prosynar). Windows binary available at https://github.com/Benjamin-Crysup/prosynar/releases/download/1.0/prosynar.zip. (Publisher Abstract)

Date Published: April 1, 2022