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Prosecutors Perspective

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January 1997
14 pages
These seven articles review research of interest to prosecutors and focus on the prosecution of gangs, the prediction of pretrial misconduct through drug tests of arrestees, capital punishment, the prosecution of child sexual abuse, and expert testimony in child abuse litigation.
Individual articles review a survey of prosecutors regarding gangs and gang-related crimes; discuss the use of gang information in narcotics investigations of drug law offenses committed by gang members; and summarize a study on drug testing of arrestees. Additional articles conclude that prosecutors must direct public opinion and political action toward reforming the post-conviction process in capital cases, that an overwhelming majority of child sexual abuse prosecutions result in convictions and prison sentences, and that prosecutors' success in child abuse litigation is often contingent on the attorney's ability to use expert witnesses to educate and persuade jurors and judges. Each article includes citation information for the book or study reviewed

Date Published: January 1, 1997