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Process Evaluation of the Crossroad to Freedom House and Peer I Therapeutic Communities

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Date Published
May 2001
75 pages

This report presents the methodology and findings of a process evaluation of the Crossroads to Freedom House therapeutic community and the Peer I transitional therapeutic community (TC) program, with the overall goal being to describe the services currently being provided and to identify areas for improvement.


Specific objectives included developing program and participant profiles and conducting an analysis of factors that affect treatment retention. The participant profile consisted of demographic, psychological, substance abuse, and criminal risk information, as well as a monthly measure of progress in treatment. Client variables were analyzed across three groups: participants who completed at least 6 months in the program and made a progressive move, participants who either quit or were expelled from the program, and participants who made a progressive move out of the TC with 6 months of admission. The program profile included a description of therapeutic practices, including setting, admissions and discharges, program structure and activities, staffing patterns, and a review of clinical files. The TC Scale of Essential Elements Questionnaire (SEEQ) was used to assess the program's level of adherence to a traditional TC model of treatment, notably the concept of community as method of treatment. Additionally, therapy groups were observed and rated with a researcher-developed form. Taken together, the findings indicate that the Arrowhead TC is meeting departmental, statewide, and national standards. This report's recommendations are designed to move the program to a higher level. Many of the program changes recommended will require the collaboration of the TC, the prison facility, and the Department of Corrections. 8 figures, 15 tables, 39 references, and the group rating form

Date Published: May 1, 2001