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Predicting the Occurrence of Stalking in Relationships Characterized by Domestic Violence

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January 2007
23 pages
This study explored the issue of stalking in the context of domestic violence through an examination of predictors of stalking.
A high correlation has been found between domestic violence and stalking. However, very few studies have examined what factors predict the occurrence of stalking in relationships characterized by domestic violence. Using in-depth interviews with victims of domestic violence whose cases have gone through the criminal justice system, this article explores this issue. It was found that experiences of stalking by their abusers were very prevalent in this group of domestic violence victims. In terms of predicting stalking, domestic violence victims who were not in a relationship with their abuser, whose abusers had an alcohol or drug problem, who experienced more controlling behaviors by their abusers, and who had experienced prior stalking by their abusers were at the greatest risk of experiencing more severe stalking. Implications for intervention are discussed. Tables and references (Published Abstract)

Date Published: January 1, 2007