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Policing in Central and Eastern Europe - Social Control of Unconventional Deviance, Conference Proceedings

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Between September 22-24, 2010, the Eighth Biennial International Conference "Policing in Central and Eastern Europe: Social Control of Unconventional Deviance" was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference was co-organized by the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor; Slovenia, the European Group of Research into Norms, Guyancourt, France; the Department of Criminology, University of Leicester, the United Kingdom; the College of Justice and Safety, Eastern Kentucky University, USA; and the School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University, USA.


The primary aim of the conference was to engage in an exchange of views, concepts, and research findings among scientists, researchers, and practitioners from across a broad range of criminal justice and security studies, topics, and themes. The conference papers cover a variety of topics spanning all elements of the criminal justice system, as well as other forms of formal, and informal, social control. The diverse coverage of the many topics and themes by criminal justice and related scholars from around the world created an opportunity for scholarly participants from Central and Eastern Europe to present their views and research to their colleagues from this and other parts of the world. Hence, the conference highlighted new ideas, methods, and findings spanning across numerous research topics, and themes, and applied areas relating to the social control of unconventional deviance (e.g., mobbing, phishing schemes, institutional organized crime, suicide terrorism acts, etc.). As indicated in the proceedings to the conference, the conference was dedicated to discussing, exploring and examining unconventional deviance from a variety of social control perspectives. A total of ninety-nine papers were presented throughout the meeting. The conference proceedings have been recently included in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index. Therefore, only peer reviewed papers are included in this volume while eight plenary papers and a selection of other papers were published in the 2010/4 and 2011/2 issues of the Journal of Criminal Justice and Security (http://www.fvv.uni-mb.si/varstvoslovje).

Date Published: January 1, 2011