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Notes From the Field: Reducing the Need for Victim Testimony in Human Trafficking Cases

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Date Published
Detective Joseph M. Scaramucci, McLennan County Sheriff's Office
This article from NIJ's “Notes from the Field” series discusses how human trafficking investigations in McLennan County (Texas) have evolved over the past decade.
In this article from NIJ's “Notes from the Field” series, Detective Joseph M. Scaramucci of the McLennan County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office speaks about how human trafficking investigations in his county have evolved over the past decade. He said his department is focusing on ways to reduce the reliance on victim testimony in human trafficking cases and concentrate on other types of evidence. Scaramucci notes that are many statutes that do not require victim cooperation, such as promotion of prostitution offenses and money laundering. He adds that human trafficking victims should be connected with a community service provider who can begin to address their immediate needs while law enforcement is gathering evidence.
Date Created: June 24, 2020