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Non-Contact Multi-Sensor Fingerprint Collection - Phase II

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2015
31 pages
This project collected data needed to evaluate non-contact fingerprint devices, including human-factors information from operators who performed the fingerprinting.
Data were collected from seven different non-contact fingerprint devices, both livescan and non-contact systems, as well as rolled ink impression on a standard 10-print card. Each device is listed along with the data collected from each device. The collection site and data types and organization are described. An explanation of the collection procedure encompasses the consent and enrollment of participants, sensor workflow for each device, collection completion, and post-processing. The report's section on collection demographics provides information on cumulative participation in the data collection and a breakdown of the ethnicity, age, and gender of participants. Issues encountered with the fingerprint devices and any steps taken to overcome difficulties are discussed. Feedback from each of the six operators of the devices consists of comments on their experiences in operating particular fingerprint devices. 20 figures and 2 tables

Date Published: December 1, 2015