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Next Millennium Conference: Ending Domestic Violence; Essential Components of Collaborative Research

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August 1999
59 pages
Conference speakers discuss collaboration in the context of social action research on domestic violence through the Michigan Council Against Domestic Assaults and also in Indian country.
The Michigan research has not been designed just to gain information on various aspects of domestic violence, but to create positive social change that benefits the actual and potential victims of domestic violence. The research is also designed to be collaborative, in that the people who are most affected by domestic violence are consulted as the experts on the problem. The research also relies on the "competent community," which means the research identifies the strengths of individuals and the community in order to build on them to achieve solutions to problems. The conference speakers describe the training process that leads to effective collaboration and building upon community strengths. One emphasis of the training is on using research tactics that will ensure the safety of domestic violence victims as they are consulted in research efforts. One conference speaker discusses collaborative research on domestic violence in Indian country. The methodology and benefits of collaborative research are addressed.

Date Published: August 1, 1999