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New Systematic Naming for Synthetic Cannabinoid “MDA-19” and Its Related Analogues: BZO-HEXOXIZID, 5F-BZO-POXIZID, and BZO-POXIZID

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This document announces a new, more appropriate, and systematic naming of newly emergent substance, MDA-19, and its related analogues that follows the systematic convention commonly used for synthetic cannabinoid nomenclature.


This brief document provides a purpose statement, background of synthetic cannabinoid substances along with the treatment of newly discovered variations, and a summary of the new naming convention for the emerging MDA-19 analogues and the OXIZID generation of synthetic cannabinoids. The document describes the molecular structure and the rationale for the application of the well-accepted systematic naming convention for synthetic cannabinoids, which will be applied to BZO-HEXOXIZID, BXO-POXIZID, and 5F-BZO-POXIZID. The document provides the chemical formula, names, synonyms, and a visual representation of each molecule. It also provides a listing of references and related articles.

Date Published: January 1, 2021