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National Symposium on Sentencing--The Judicial Response to Crime: Instructor's Guide for Classroom Video

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22 pages

This instructor’s guide is for use with a video of discussions at the National Symposium on Sentencing.


The video and instructor’s guide are designed primarily for use in undergraduate-level courses in criminal justice studies. The video is divided into four segments: (1) Introduction and Opening Remarks; (2) Media and Public Opinion; (3) Sentencing Dilemmas Posed to Judges; and (4) Changing the System. The instructor’s guide contains a glossary of key terms used in the video program; a pre-test on viewers’ opinions relating to sentencing issues; the text of three hypothetical situations posed during the video program; a brief summary of the content of each video segment; a list of speakers featured in the video segments; discussion questions and follow-up activities; and resources for further study. The guide also discusses conclusions and recommendations put forth by the symposium. Figures, references

Date Published: January 1, 1998