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National Survey of Aftercare Provisions for Boot Camp Graduates, Research in Brief

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May 1996
15 pages
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This report presents the results of a survey of 52 boot camps and their aftercare programs.
Specifically, the study examined the extent to which aftercare provisions have been expressly designed for boot camp graduates; the continuity and interaction between boot camp and aftercare; the intensity and length of supervision; provisions for gradual decreases in the structure provided; and provisions for monitoring an evaluation of the boot camp and aftercare programs. Findings show that 13 of the 52 boot camps had specialized aftercare programs for their graduates. For the majority of the camps, the integration of the boot camp experience and aftercare consisted of joint participation in prerelease planning. Most of those released from boot camp were placed on intensive probation/parole in their communities; the emphasis is on intensive supervision rather than intensive services. Six programs required time in a residential transitional program, and a few others offered transitional programming to certain types of offenders. Few programs have developed structures for monitoring and evaluating boot camp graduates in aftercare. Overall, the survey found a number of models for integrating aftercare functions with boot camps that appear to hold promise for retaining the benefits of the boot camp experience when the graduate re-enters the community. 3 tables and 19 notes

Date Published: May 1, 1996