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Multiband/Multimode Radio

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Date Published
October 2007
21 pages

This slideshow presentation on multiband/multimode radio discusses the development of a prototype radio capable of operation over a large range of frequency bands now in use for public safety applications.


The presenters discuss the law enforcement applications and the development of a prototype radio capable of operation over a large range of frequency bands, including: VHF, 138 to 174 MHz; 220 MHz; UHF, 406 to 512 MHz; 700 MHz P.S.; 800 MHz P.S.; cellular and PCS; 2.4 GHz ISM; and 4.9 GHz P.S. The presentation starts with a technology overview, providing circuit diagrams, and a timeline for activities which notes the formal deliverables and demonstrations. Formal deliverables from four project phases include: Phase I, concept and technical report; Phase II, design and technical report; Phase III, integration, which is the phase of the project that is being presented in this document; Phase IV, evaluation and technical report, projected completion in July 2008; and finally, a projected Final Report in October 2008. The demonstrations include various lab demonstrations, extensive laboratory testing planned as part of Phase IV, and field demonstrations planned for June 2008. The presentation suggests that the payoff to criminal justice efforts will include: enhanced interoperability due to the availability of radios capable of accessing any frequency band and mode used by first responders, without prior coordination; working with several innovations that transcend original goals may significantly improve cost, power, and reconfigurability; and a wide dissemination of research results, especially to vendors, such as collaboration with Motorola on direct conversion RFIC, discussions with Tyco, and open access reports and data. Prototype design process and features are presented, with diagrams and photographs, as are the researchers’ system on a programmable chip (SoPC) and baseband strategies, and challenges.

Date Published: October 1, 2007