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More Efficient Means to Collect and Process Reference DNA Samples

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December 2011
94 pages
This research developed improvements in DNA processing that will enable any forensic laboratory, regardless of size, to increase its current efficiency, which will better prepare it to handle an increase in sample submissions without creating a backlog.
This research developed a new DNA buccal collection kit that is universal in use and provides a higher success rate on the first analysis attempt. The kit combines the best qualities of several collection kits into one. The kit is simple to use and provides reliable results at an affordable cost. The kit's direct DNA collection method helps to ensure that sufficient DNA is present, allowing the laboratory to obtain a full DNA profile on the first analysis attempt. Researchers also tested many different techniques that would allow for the direct amplification of buccal swabs. These techniques involved taking an entire swab head, lysing in various reagents, and using an aliquot of the liquid lysate for amplification. This effort demonstrated that direct amplification of buccal swabs is possible, thus eliminating the time and cost associated with the extraction step of the DNA analysis process. Researchers recommend that additional studies be conducted to find the exact combination of lysing reagents, lysing temperatures, and lysing times that will allow direct amplification from swabs. Detailed suggestions are offered for such research. 9 tables, 4 references, and appended supplementary data and information

Date Published: December 1, 2011