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Model Process: A Containment Approach (From Managing Adult Sex Offenders: A Containment Approach, P 2.1-2.45, 1996, Kim English, Suzanne Pullen, and Linda Jones, eds. - See NCJ-162392)

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January 1996
45 pages
A model process for managing sex offenders in the community is described; the model involves a comprehensive system of treatment, supervision, and behavioral monitoring that effectively contains many sex offenders in the community and also addresses the needs of victims and public safety.
This containment approach combines the best practices for the community management of sex offenders cited in the literature, observed during site visits, and reported during a national telephone survey of probation and parole supervisors in a research project sponsored by NIJ. The model process has five parts: (1) a process that values public safety, victim protection, and reparation for victims as the paramount objectives of sex offender management; (2) implementation strategies that rely on agency coordination, multidisciplinary partnerships, and job specialization; (3) a containment approach that uses offenders' internal controls, external criminal justice control measures, and polygraphs; (4) the development and implementation of informed public policies to create and support consistent practices; and (5) quality control mechanisms. The participants in the model process are law enforcement, child protective services, prosecuting attorneys, courts, probation and parole agencies, treatment providers, polygraph examiners, and prisons. Implementation recommendations for each participant, footnotes, and 39 references

Date Published: January 1, 1996