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Meeting the Needs of Racine Citizens: Evaluation of a Community Policing Program - Final Project Report

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103 pages
This is the final report from a community policing program in Racine, WI.
The report evaluates community policing in Racine, WI, by examining multiple perspectives, using a multi-method approach. Products from the study include: (1) A three-time-point panel survey of citizen attitudes toward community policing in three community policed neighborhoods; (2) A comparison of citizen attitudes toward community policing between residents in community policed neighborhoods and residents in a control neighborhood, using the survey design; (3) A two-time-point survey of police attitudes toward community policing; (4) Qualitative analysis of focus group discussions with community leaders; (5) An analysis of crime statistics over the study period; and (6) An analysis of health and building department statistics regarding calls for service in light of a newly instituted "sweeps" program in partnership with the Racine Police Department. Note, tables, and references

Date Published: January 1, 1999