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Match statistics for sequence-based alleles in profiles from forensic PCR-mps kits

NCJ Number
Electrophoresis Volume: 42 Issue: 6 Dated: 2021 Pages: 756-765
Date Published
10 pages

We describe a procedure to address calculation of match probabilities when casework samples are generated using an MPS kit with different trim sites than those present in the relevant population frequency database.



The first autosomal sequence-based allele (aka SNP-STR haplotype) frequency database for forensic massively parallel sequencing (MPS) has been published, thereby removing one of the remaining barriers to implementing MPS in casework. The database was developed using a specific set of flank trim sites. If different trim sites or different kits with different primers are used for casework, then SNP-STR haplotypes may be detected that do not have frequencies in the database. The proposed procedure provides a framework for comparison of any MPS kit or database combination while also accommodating comparison of MPS and CE profiles. (Publisher abstract provided)



Date Published: January 1, 2021