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Long-Range 3D Face Collection, Final Report

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Date Published
December 2012
26 pages

This report describes the data-collection methods and summarizes the data collected from the testing and evaluation of a prototype binocular-based stereoscopic facial image acquisition system developed by StereoVision Imaging, Inc., (SVI).


The data collected are from a comparison of the data captured with the SVI prototype system with similar commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) imaging hardware. In addition, information was collected on the human factors related to the performance of seven operators who conducted the data collection in the comparisons. Data collection was conducted on the Evansdale Campus of West Virginia University (WVU). Data collection was performed with three facial imaging devices: the SVI binoculars prototype, the Sony DEV 5 digital recording binoculars, and a digital SLR camera outdoors and indoors (Canon 5D MkII digital with suitable lens). The data-collection was conducted outdoors at a site that enabled unobstructed facial views of 100 subjects placed at varying distances up to 100 meters from the devices being tested. Indoor images were also collected for comparison. Data are reported for facial images captured at various distances up to 100 meters. Demographics are reported for the operators, and their feedback assessments of their experiences in using each device. 12 figures and 1 table

Date Published: December 1, 2012