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Law Enforcement Research Priorities for 2010 and Beyond: Results of the IACP Membership Survey and Focus Group 2009-2010

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March 2010
30 pages
Designed to build on previous survey findings that shaped the earlier National Law Enforcement Research Agenda (NLERA), this report focuses on the second national survey of law enforcement leaders, which was conducted in 2009, and asked the leaders about the types of research they find most useful, their current and past participation in research efforts, and their law enforcement research priorities.
This report describes the survey methodology; summarizes findings; outlines views of the focus group assembled by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in February 2010 to discuss survey results; and proposes 12 strategies that law enforcement leaders, researchers, the IACP, and other professional organizations and funders can use to improve the quality, quantity, and usefulness of law enforcement research in areas prioritized by the NLERA. The survey sample of 731 self-selected respondents is reflective of IACP membership, especially those with interest in research issues and priorities. One section of this report presents respondents' backgrounds; summarizes their experience with and perspectives on law enforcement research; and examines the impact on respondents' research focus in relation to agency size, proximity to colleges/universities, and leaders' educational level. Issues addressed by the focus group were resource issues that impede research participation, improving collaboration between law enforcement agencies and researchers, community expectations, and future directions. The action recommendations presented stem from IACP staff findings over the entire course of the partnership between the U.S. Justice Department's National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) partnership with the IACP's Research Advisory Committee (RAC). Observations and guidance offered by RAC members in reaction to focus group and survey results also influenced the action recommendations. The 12 action recommendations offered are all intended to facilitate law enforcement use of research findings in making policy decisions.

Date Published: March 1, 2010