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Law Enforcement Information Systems and Strategy Demonstration Project: CRIMES, Final Program Report

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49 pages
This final report describes the progress achieved in the CRIMES (Criminal Research, Information Management, and Evaluation System) project, which is a comprehensive, computerized police information system.
CRIMES is a computerized recording, retrieval, and reporting system of incident-based police data that uses the latest technologies, such as client/server architecture, high-speed networking, wireless remote access, full-text search, relational database storage, and "point and click" analysis. Although some supplemental modules remain to be implemented, the system is now complete and fully functional, with all routinely used modules fully integrated. The computer-assisted dispatch module handles incoming requests for police services, including wireless remotes and field reporting to police vehicles. The incident module records criminal/noncriminal activities, and the master name file module is for name-file processing, search/inquiries, and report generation. The property room module is for managing the property-room inventory. Other modules are the traffic accident module, which handles both State and commercial reporting requirements; the traffic citation module, which includes Texas SB-1074 (racial profiling) data capture and reporting; other support modules that include expunge and Uniform Crime Reporting; and analysis capabilities. This report details CRIME's advanced search and analytic component; its mobile applications, particularly mobile search and field reporting; its advanced computerized assisted dispatch components, notably multiple agency features, remote location replication, and the reports function; and GIS integration. 56 figures

Date Published: January 1, 2003