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Just Science Podcast: Just So You Know: Women and Work in Science

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June 2018
2 pages

This episode from the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) "Just So You Know" podcast series consists of an interview with Dr. Nadja Campo of Florida International University, in which she discusses the development of women leaders in science, academia, STEM, and forensics, with attention to their finding a balance between raising their children and developing satisfying careers.


Dr. Campo has advised many women who have earned a doctorate in science, and she is familiar with their career and personal priorities when planning a fulfilling lifestyle. She notes that one of their frustrations when making career choices is that their preparation for and commitment to a desired career occur at the same period in their lives when they tend to make decisions about marriage and family life. She encourages women who seek a career in science to learn to say "No" when asked to commit to work responsibilities that interfere with the balance they desire between work and family. Likewise, those who manage women in scientific fields must respect and support them in their efforts to develop their desired balance between their careers, their families, and their use of leisure time.

Date Published: June 1, 2018