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Just Science Podcast: Just Improved Response to Sexual Assault

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April 2023

This second episode of Just Science’s 2023 Sexual Assault Awareness Month mini season is about the factors that contribute to low prosecution rates for sexual assault cases.


This episode of Just Science Podcast features Dr. Julie L. Valentine, the Associate Dean of the Brigham Young University College in Nursing, after her first appearance on the podcast to highlight the importance of sexual assault kit submission and DNA evidence for prosecuting sexual assault cases. In this episode, Dr. Valentine and the host, Tyler Raible, discuss how the challenges associated with resource allocation for improved sexual response reform, the outcome of Dr. Valentine’s research related to prosecution rates for sexual assault cases, and how future legislation may positively impact response reform efforts. The Podcast episode’s landing page also includes a link to Dr. Valentine’s webinar with the FTCOE to discuss prosecution rates in more detail. She also discusses other work projects, including a large study on non-fatal strangulation in sexual assault.

Date Published: April 1, 2023