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Just Science Podcast: Just Autopsy Results and Crime Scene Reconstruction

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November 2022

In episode one of our Case Studies: Part 2 mini season, Just Science sat down with Kelly Ayers, an International Association for Identification certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst, to discuss how preliminary autopsy results can help investigators piece together a story of what happened at a crime scene. For crime scene investigators, preliminary autopsy results issued by forensic pathologists and medical examiners can be used in conjunction with other disciplines, such as bloodstain pattern analysis, to provide pivotal information about a case. For example, medical information about the injuries a victim sustained may help investigators determine the weapon that was used, or the sequence of events that occurred within the scene. Listen along as Kelly discusses how preliminary autopsy results may be used to alleviate unnecessary laboratory testing, add case context that can be used in court, and offers advice on effective communication while working a scene.

Date Published: November 1, 2022