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Integration of Centralized Intelligence with Geographic Information Systems: A Countywide Initiative

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October 2011
3 pages
This article examines a centralized intelligence approach to policing in Morris County, NJ.
By centralizing intelligence, using proactive measures, and adopting an analytical presence, agencies can target prolific offenders to reduce crime in the community. This proactive approach has led to successful results in Morris County. Since 2007, the total crime index in the county has decreased by 11 percent, violent crime by 21 percent, and property crime by 7 percent. With the assistance of geographic information systems and the centralization of intelligence, the spatial boundaries of police departments become limitless. While the obvious benefit of centralization is the significant reduction of crime, an added benefit is that the reduction of crime comes at no additional cost to any police agency. Instead of spending money to reduce crime, agencies share data and resources and periodically allocate officers to areas that have been identified as emerging or problematic. Inter-agency officer allocation is strictly voluntary and on an as-needed basis. By lending an officer to another jurisdiction for a shift, the necessary manpower is met while facilitating more effective sharing of intelligence.

Date Published: October 1, 2011