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Institute for Community-Police Relations Offers Guidance, Assistance

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Techbeat Dated: July-August 2016 Pages: 9-12
Date Published
August 2016
4 pages
This article in TECHbeat (July-August 2016) reports on the mission and activities of the Institute of Community-Police Relations (ICPR), which was created by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to implement the recommendations of President Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

The ICPR is an online resource for reports, model policies, fact sheets, blog posts, training materials, and other resources. These materials are organized under the six "pillars" of the Task Force's recommendations. These pillars are building trust and legitimacy, policy and oversight, technology and social media, community relations and crime reduction, training and education, and officer safety and wellness. The pervasive theme of the Task Force's recommendations is the forging of police-community interactions that build community trust in the police as an agency committed to working with the community to improve public safety. The ICPR intends to become the go-to source for community leaders and police chiefs in obtaining guidance and resources on how police and community leaders can forge networks of cooperation that address issues of conflict between police and the communities they serve and define and promote ways in which police- community conversations and actions can facilitate trust and a common commitment to improving police-community relations. ICPR's initial offering of resources on its website is a Task-Force implementation blueprint that will highlight the recommendations and action items specific to State and local agencies that have proven effective by evidence-based research. This will enable agencies to prioritize and begin with proven strategies based on established evaluation research.

Date Published: August 1, 2016